Prior to admission to Broadacres, we will meet with the Resident and their family where reasonably practicable and complete an assessment to ensure that Broadacres meets the needs of both the prospective Resident and the family or advocate.

Residents and their representatives will be encouraged to visit the home prior to their admission and will be given a choice of accommodation to meet their needs wherever possible. The Resident or their advocate will be provided with a contract setting out the terms and conditions of residency, including

  • the room to be occupied
  • the services – including food – provided
  • the fee payable and by whom together with the scheduled fee review
  • additional services available to be paid for over and above the fee
  • terms and conditions of occupancy, including period of notice on both sides
  • rights and obligations of the Resident and Broadacres, the Registered Provider.
  • the deposit required